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Strange and Creepy Fact World

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On each bi-week, I will type 20-30 strange and creepy facts. These are from a book I would like to say, "Uncle John's Bathroom Reader for Kids Only #1." Please, PLEASE enjoy 'em!

31. Galileo called Saturn "the planet with ears."
32. There are 32 leather panels and 642 stitches on a regular soccer ball.
33. New Zealand has about 4 million people...and 70 million sheep.
34. Beethoven published his first composition when he was only 12 years old.
35. Glass never wears out-it can be recycled forever.
36. In Germany, an angry driver jumped out of his car to confront the driver that had just smashed into him. Surpirse! The person sitting behind the wheel was...a dog. Police say the dog had jumped into the front seat and accidentally released the hand brake.
37. The harmonica is the world's best-selling musical instrument.
38. It takes 8.3 minutes for the sun's light-traveling at 186,282 miles per second-to reach the Earth.
39. Your hair grows at a rate of about 1/2 inch a month.
40. 1/4 of Americans have been on television. Have you?
41. 50 million new cars are built each year.
42. True seals have no external ears. Sea lions do.
43. Your body contains more than 650 muscles.
44. People used to belive that seeing a dog eating grass meant a rainstorm was coming.
45. Frogs can get athlete's foot.
46. In May 1981, thousands of green frogs weighing only a few ounces each rained down on the city of Naphlion, Greece.
47. On January 15, 1877, live snakes fell on Memphis, Tennessee.
48. In Chico, California, oval-shaped rocks began to fall out of the sky in July 1921 and continued to fall off and on for five months!
49. If you're average you'll speak about 4,000 words today.
50. A Wisconsin bowling alley decided to jazz up the sport with a little humor. They posted signs reading BOWL NAKED, BOWL FREE. Nobody took them up on the offer...until April 16, 1996. That's the day 21-year-old Scott Hughes rented a pair of shoes and proceeded to take off his clothes. As a local church group watched in horror, he went on to bowl a 225 game-wearing nothing but a cowboy hat and bowling shoes.
51. There are more horses in China than in any country in the world.
52. By the time you reach 72, you'll have eaten about 35 tons of food.
53. Hippos can run faster than humans.
54. Your fingernails grow four times as fast as your toenails.
55. There are more telephones in Washington D.C. than there are people.
56. There are 293 different ways to make change for a dollar.