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This is where the older facts from Bathroom
Reader books go. Check below.

1. What do you call a female lumberjack? A lumberjill.
2. The Statue of Liberty's eyes are 2.5 feet wide.
3. One in ten children sleepwalk.
4. Somebody from Spain rolled a hoop from Mieres to Madrid, Spain, and back--a distance of more than 600 miles. It took him 18 days.
5. Some guy from Missouri held nine baseballs in his hand "without any adhesives" in 1989.
6. Somebody from Arkansas spit a wad of tobacco 47 feet, 7 inches in 1982.
7. Some guy from North Carolina lifted a 606-pound pumpkin 18 inches off the ground with his teeth in 1985.
8. The native people of Guam (an island near Japan) eat bats boiled whole. Some bats can weigh up to three pounds, and have wingspands of three feet. It is preferable to leave the fur and wings on.
9. In Hong Kong, scorpions are pickled in wine, then deep-fried. In other parts of China, they're eaten alive, but chefs first get them drunk in alcohol (the hope is that the scorpion will be too drunk to sting).
10. In Mexico, crickets are fried, then dusted in chili powder for a delicious crunchy snack (with protein!). They're sold on street corners by the bagful.
11. In Thailand, people eat tarantulas roasted and served in coconut cream with lime leaves. That sounds pretty good (except for the tarantulas, no duh).
12. Most popular pizza topping in South Korea: tuna fish.
13. "A Boise man stole a dog at gunpoint, then tucked his gun in the waistline of the back of his pants and drove off with the dog. But the gun began to bother him while he was driving, so he reached back to reposition and shot himself in the butt. Then, when he tried to remove th grun from his pants he shot himself in the butt again. He was hospitalized in serious condition and the dog was returned to its home."
14. "A man who had committed crimes in Morgantown, West Virginia, was curious to know if the police suspected him. He approached two officers and asked if there were any arrest warrants on him. There were."
15. Forget bread: In Japan, kids eat toasted seaweed for breakfast.
16. An average of 2,220 Popsicles are eaten in the U.S. every minute.
17. On average, pet guinea pigs live twice as long as pet hamsters.
18. Average age of a gamer: 28 years old.
19. 43% of game players are women.
20. In 2000, for the third year in a row, an astonishing 35% of all Americans identified computer and video games as the most fun entertainment activity. Second place: television (18%).
21. Why did kings start wearing crowns? One theory: to hide bald spots.
22. In Italy, kids smear chocolate "butter" on bread and eat it for breakfast.
23. Constipation kills fruit flies that any other ailment.
24. U.S. women over 55 watch more TV than anyone else; men 18-24 watch the least.
25. 488 Rhode Islands could fit inside the state of Alaska.
26. In Aladdin (1992), as Aladdin and Jasmine sing "A Whole New World," they pass in front of a full moon. When they're near the water, there's a reflection of a crescent moon.
27. In the final showdown of Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999), Austin shoots four bad guys. Listen to the shots--he only fires three times.
28. In The Matrix (1998), Neo is at work. According to the sign on the building, the name of the company is Metacortex. But as he's escaping, there's another sign on the building, this time calling the company Meta Cortechs.
29. A newborn panda is smaller than a mouse.
30. How many baseballs will your favorite pro team use this year? About 18,000.